Wavechanger is here to be your guide into a better consumption for a healthier blue planet

What's the problem?

The vast majority of surf products on the market rely on polluting petrochemicals in their production today. This reliance on petrochemicals to make our surf gear is incompatible with taking meaningful action on climate change and addressing many other environmental impacts that affect our oceans, our playgrounds -  we all need  to ‘get off the petros’ as quickly as possible.

Luckily, there is so much innovation taking place in materials sciences and product development and Wavechanger is here to be your guide into better consumption for a healthier blue planet.


    Create a carbon neutral, waste-free surf industry that's respectful to nature, yet retains the innovation, high performance and excitement we all expect from surfing.


    Leading the surf community to embrace sustainable solutions and reduce the environmental impact of surfing.

Wavechanger history

Wavechanger is a program of Surfers for Climate today, but its journey started years ago when its founder Tom Wilson believed more could be done by the surf industry, and recognised a huge knowledge gap on sustainability. Tom had a vision - help create a carbon neutral, waste-free surf industry that’s respectful to nature, yet retains the innovation, high performance and excitement we all expect and enjoy from surfing. With that vision in mind Wavechanger was born and has since delivered the bulk of sustainable surf knowledge you can find globally.

With Wavechanger becoming a program of Surfers for Climate, the opportunity to scale this purpose and mission is front of mind, and we’re all stoked to be on the party wave of change together.


    Create the world’s leading sustainable surf retail platform where surfers can find all the latest products that are better for the environment, learn about why these products are better through the Surfer Vs Planet Podcast and Annual Conference, and fill their shopping carts knowing they are making a positive difference.


    Collaborate on research and development of surf hardware with the Wavechanger community using open innovation and collaboration models. Each year we want to choose a product and redesign it for sustainability and impact with our Wavechanger community.