As surfers, we need to recognise that the greatest threat to our ocean is climate change, while some of the greatest solutions to climate change also come from the ocean itself. But navigating our way to a healthy and thriving ocean will take guts, focus and courage - qualities that surfers have.

It’s time for a line in the sand for our ocean.

The Line in the Sand for our ocean specifically advocates according to the following priority areas:

  • See an end to the search for new oil and gas in our ocean by 2028

  • Engage and educate coastal communities on the shift to renewable and low carbon energy, and help them ride the groundswell of solar, batteries, wind and more.

  • Protect our waves and advocate for greater protection of Australia’s marine environment

What’s the current status of the Line in the Sand for our Ocean campaign?

Shredding an End to Offshore Oil and Gas

On the 6th of Feb 2024 the NSW Government announced they will be putting forward legislation to BAN offshore oil and gas exploration and mining in NSW waters. We are stoked! After years of campaigning to draw a Line in the Sand and ban all new offshore oil and gas in Australia’s pristine ocean, we are stoked that politicians have heard the message loud and clear, and now practically all of them are supporting the ban!

There is no reason why the Government’s bill can’t be passed in the next session of Parliament which is in mid-March, and from there, Surfers for Climate will now be looking to other States and Territories, as well as the Federal Government, to follow NSW’s lead and finally draw a line in the sand for our ocean and ban all fossil fuel drilling and mining in Australian waters for good.

Read the full story on this epic news here.

Every Surfers Loves an Offshore Wind

Meanwhile, also in NSW, possible offshore wind zones in the Hunter and Illawarra regions are triggering reactions from local ocean lovers who feel like consultations on this powerful type of renewable energy haven’t been good enough. Surfing communities have also been misinformed by campaigns that aim to sow doubt and resistance to renewable energy more broadly and the time-sensitive need for a diverse renewable energy supply.

We aim to see  coastal communities fully informed of the opportunity that offshore wind brings to protect our oceans from climate change, as we get off coal-fired electricity.