Surfers for Climate is beyond stoked to announce our exciting new partnership with Polestar. Since we paddled out in 2019, we've been all about educating, inspiring, and mobilising surfers to take action on climate. Now, with Polestar riding shotgun, we're gearing up to make an even bigger splash.

Our ocean playground is under threat from changing weather patterns, rising sea levels, and ecosystem shifts. It’s a reality check every time we paddle out. But just like we helped ban oil and gas off NSW waters, we’re not backing down. We pulled the handbrake on oil and gas exploration off the east coast, and now we’re accelerating to end all fossil fuel projects in Aussie waters by 2028.

“Every second breath we take comes from the ocean, and because it absorbs the heat, climate change can very much be referred to as ocean change,” says our main man, CEO Josh Kirkman. And he’s spot on.

We’re not just waxing our boards here. Our Wavechanger PhD program is on a mission to clean up the surf industry, aiming for a carbon-neutral, waste-free setup. We’re also rallying coastal communities to embrace renewable energy and pushing for stronger marine protections.

Now, Polestar, the Swedish electric vehicle maker are joining our lineup. With their help, we’re spreading the word far and wide across Australia, inspiring communities to stand up for climate science and be part of the solution.

“Our mission is to empower coastal communities to realise that they have a powerful voice, and they can be the leaders of great positive change in this country and globally. We’re grateful to Polestar for supporting our efforts to reach more communities,” says Josh.

So, whether you’re catching waves or cruising in a slick, sustainable Polestar, remember: every action counts. Let’s keep the stoke high and the carbon footprint low. Together, we can ride the wave towards a brighter, cleaner future.

Check out more information on our Polestar partnership and film below.

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